Modeling a Car Tire in 3D Studio Max

There are several tutorials on the web about creating tires and they all use a similar technique in which a small section of the tire is modeled in detail, is duplicated about 50 times and bend. That method allows you to create highly detailed, and high-poly, tires. Another method is using a bump map to for the tire tracks, which is obviously a very low-poly solution. In this video tutorial however, you will learn a fairly quick method to create a fairly detailed tire by using simple extrusion techniques on a cylinder.

This tutorial is suitable for beginners who know the basics of box-modeling. If you are absolutely new to 3D Studio Max, you may want to start with our Modeling a Chess Pawn tutorial or Modeling a car rim tutorial first.

Tire modeling tutorial header

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it contributed something to your 3D Studio Max modeling skills.

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5 Responses to Modeling a Car Tire in 3D Studio Max

  1. drectd says:

    nice work

  2. ubaid says:

    nice tutorials

  3. arvs says:

    It is an amazing tutorial having a sample video.
    It’s great!

  4. RayRay says:

    pretty sweet, I want to model my jeep and this helps tons. Thanx

  5. Quik says:

    this is a really REALLY nice and easy to follow tutorial. Since iam making a 3d car it came in handy, although the tire is more detailed than the carXD thanks a lot!

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