How to use brushes from the internet

This how-to describes how you can use free brushes from the web in Adobe Photoshop.

Getting started:

Step 1.
Download a free brush pack zip file from our Brushes page here.

Step 2.
Unzip the content of your brush pack to a folder (i.e. c:Program FilesAdobePhotoshop7.0PresetsBrushes) and remember the location.
Step 3.
In Photoshop click on the Brush button:

Step 4.
Go the brushes palette on the left and click on the Brushes tab.

Step 5.
Click the small black arrow that appear when you click the brushes tab:

Step 6.
From the menu that will appear, select the option “Load brushes”:

(click image for larger view)

Step 7.
When you click on this option you can browse your PC. Go to the Brushes folder where you saved your brushes at step 2 and click the load button.

Step 8 .
The brushes are now loaded into your brushes pallet. You still also have the brushes you started out with. You can choose the option “Replace brushes” at step 6 instead of “Load brushes”.

Step 9.
With the option “Reset brushes” your brushes pallet will be reset to the default brushes.

This tutorial is created originally for You are not allowed to redistribute this tutorial in any form.

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