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It’s close – Bryce 7 Pro

Buy Bryce 6 at 65%* off and get Bryce 7 Pro free!

Image courtesy of David Brinnen

Need help learning Bryce? Don’t miss this bargain:
The Learn Bryce series Volume 3 at 50% off!

* Reflects Platinum club discount

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Softimage 2011

Autodesk has released Softimage 2011, packing a variety of changes, ranging from core application enhancements to new features that should improve your workflow greatly.

Autodesk Softimage software is a high-performance 3D character animation and visual effects application. Softimage enables artists to use intuitive, nondestructive workflows to create stunning character animation and effects. The unique, multithreaded Softimage GigaCore architecture and innovative tools like ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) and the Autodesk Face Robot facial animation toolset extend an Autodesk Maya software pipeline. Now you can more quickly and easily create detailed simulated effects, advanced character rigs, and lip-synced facial setups.

Click here to download a free trial of Softimage 2011

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E-on Software releases Vue 8.5 PLE

The Vue 8.5 PLE is a fully functional version of Vue 8.5 xStream/Infinite. With the PLE, users can:

* Create complete projects
* Save their work and export to other applications
* Render stills and animations without size/length limit
* Experience Vue’s power directly inside Max/Maya/Softimage/LightWave/Cinema4D
* Learn at their own pace (the PLE never expires)!

The Personal Learning Edition ships with a wide selection of Vue presets, as well as the complete PDF Reference manual.

Click here for more info
Click here to download the Vue 8.5 PLE

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Carrara 8 released!

As the demand for an efficient, feature-rich and cost-effective 3D toolset expands, DAZ 3D responds with the release of Carrara 8.0, the latest version of its popular all-in-one 3D modeling, animation and rendering solution. Daz3D boast Carrara 8.0 is only complete, all-in-one 3D suite designed to be compatible with DAZ 3D content. This powerhouse will help grow your 3D world and enhance your 3D abilities. Not only can you manipulate existing DAZ 3D content in ways you’ve never imagined, but Carrara 8 gives you the ability to create your own custom content from scratch. What more could you ask for in an affordable, powerful, and complete 3D solution? Finally, there is a single solution for realistic figure posing and animation combined with advanced modeling, terrain-building, physics, and rendering that is readily compatible with a large array of 3D assets. An ideal 3D workhorse within any designer’s creative suite, the highly-affordable Carrara lavishes speed and power that enables you to create more freely and deliver the highest-caliber results under even the tightest deadlines.

Click here for  more info

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Adobe CS5 30 days free trial

April 30, 2010 – Adobe CS 5 30 days trial is now available for download!

Download Adobe Free Trials Here!

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Project Cooper – A new free 2D Drawing Software by Autodesk

Autodesk released Project Cooper, a simple, hassle-free 2D Drawing Software, for free.

Ideal for quick design work, Project Cooper sketching software enables you to draw accurate, detailed plans and layouts to scale using simple 2D drawing tools, predrawn symbols, and sample drawings. Because the software produces files in one of the most widely used design formats, it’s easy to share your drawings with clients, architects, and other project partners.

For more info visit Autodesk

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