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Adobe CS5 30 days free trial

April 30, 2010 – Adobe CS 5 30 days trial is now available for download!

Download Adobe Free Trials Here!

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Featured 2D Artist of August 2007 – Jeff Coles

3D Valley’s first 2D Featured Artist – Jeff Coles or for you probably better know as Mysnapz. Jeff is a draftsman for 27 years. During day time he works in the 3D design/ engineering industry and in his personal time he enjoys taking photos and manipulating them with a little help of Adobe Photoshop. He has won several awards for his work and some years ago one of his photos has been selected as the best image in Great Britain. Read the interview below to get to know Jeff and his work a bit better.

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The making of: The Dragon Whisperer


This tutorial will hopefully teach you a couple of things regarding painting a dragon in a fairly realistic fashion, setting up concepts, and will include some tips on painting in general as well. Remember that the way I go about painting isn’t the ‘correct’ way; There is no right and wrong when it comes to painting digitally. Feel free to experiment as much as you’d like, and never be afraid to try out new techniques. I used Photoshop CS2 for this tutorial, but any decent painting program should suffice. Continue reading “The making of: The Dragon Whisperer” »

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Applying a texture to your painting

Texturing a painting helps bring life to your image. Just take a look at your surroundings; There are textures everywhere. With this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I go about texturing paintings. Keep in mind that this is not the only way to do this, but it should be a helpful read. Continue reading “Applying a texture to your painting” »

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Painting a realistic face

In this tutorial, I will go about how I paint faces in general. Of course, this is just a tutorial, and is not the only way to go about painting. Rather than following this tutorial 100%, feel free to apply it to your own painting style (and of course, your own image). This tutorial assumes you have a drawing tablet (recommended, not required), and assumes you have a version of Photoshop (I use CS 2, but other versions, as well as other programs such as Painter will work also). Having said that, I hope you find this tutorial useful. Continue reading “Painting a realistic face” »

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Create a seamless cow texture/ pattern

This tutorial describes how you can easily create a seamless cow texture in Adobe Photoshop using the Lasso Tool and the Offset Filter.

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