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Microvisions 5 auction is now live!

MicroVisions 5 auction is now live on eBay.
Opening bids start at $50.00.
Auction ends Wednesday, May 26th.

Each year, Dan Dos Santos and Irene Gallo ask about a dozen artists to create a 5×7 painting of their choosing. These miniatures are exhibited at the Society of Illustrators and placed on auction with all proceeds going to the Society’ student scholarship fund.

This year’s contributors pulled out all the the stops and created an amazing exhibit. This years contributors are: Scot Altmann, Scott Bakal, Rick Berry, Bill Carman, Jon Foster, Donato Giancola, Michael Kaluta, Tim O’Brien, Omar Ravvan, Allen Williams, and Boris Vallejo.

For more info visit Irene Gallo’s website The Art Department.

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Adobe CS5 30 days free trial

April 30, 2010 – Adobe CS 5 30 days trial is now available for download!

Download Adobe Free Trials Here!

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Project Cooper – A new free 2D Drawing Software by Autodesk

Autodesk released Project Cooper, a simple, hassle-free 2D Drawing Software, for free.

Ideal for quick design work, Project Cooper sketching software enables you to draw accurate, detailed plans and layouts to scale using simple 2D drawing tools, predrawn symbols, and sample drawings. Because the software produces files in one of the most widely used design formats, it’s easy to share your drawings with clients, architects, and other project partners.

For more info visit Autodesk

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Featured 2D Artist of June 2009 – Larkin

3Dvalley.com Featured 2D Artist for June 2009 – Larkin. Larkin is an artist from the US. He is member of Art/Not Terminal Gallery in his hometown Seattle, where he shows his work once a month in their group exhibitions. He works with any traditional material he can get his hands on and likes to try out new things. Please take some time to read our interview with Larkin below, to get to know him and his work a bit better.

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MicroVisions 4, auction is live

The fourth annual MicroVisions auction is up and running. All proceeds go to the Society of Illustrators student scholarship fund.

These are 5×7 paintings created by the field’s leading illustrators and comic book artists.  They are kept small so that the artist have fun doing them and to make them affordable by casual collectors.

Participating artists:
Welsey Allsbrook, Volkan Baga, Chris Buzelli, Justin Gerard, Greg Manchess, Paolo Rivera, Luis Royo, Greg Ruth, Francis Vallejo, Michael Whelan

You can find the auction on Ebay; MicroVisions 4
Link via: Irene Gallo

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Featured 2D Artist of May 2009 – Deborah Valentine

3DValley Featured 2D Artist interview of May 2009 – Deborah Valentine. Deborah is an artist from the US. She has been interested in art from a very young age and studied at the California College of Art. She has worked many years as a tattoo artist and is well known on the internet for her contribution to many ExquisiteCorpses and her managing the TheExquisiteCorpse club on DeviantART. Her favorite tool is still the pencil although she do use photoshop to prepare her work for posting it online. Please get to know Deborah and her work a bit better by reading our interview with  her below.

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