Featured 3D Artist of May 2007 – André Kutscherauer

3D Valley Featured 3D Artist of May 2007 – André Kutscherauer. André is an 3D artist from Germany and work for a photo studio as a 3D operator to create photo realistic design visualizations. He uses 3D Studio Max to create his amazing images with rather simple objects and Mental Ray for rendering. Please read our interview with André below to get to know him and his work a bit better.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself: Who are you and what do you do in your daily life?

André: My name is André Kutscherauer. Currently I’m employed in a German photo studio as 3d operator. My main theme is design visualization there. But I also do some web design and real-time applications for the internet. After work I try to realize my own ideas.

Do you have traditional art experience?

André: I did my level on an art high school. There I’ve done some graffiti’s on paper. I have always been always interested in arts and photography.

Which software packages do you use for your artwork?

André: I mainly use 3dsmax for lighting and modeling, Mental Ray for rendering and Photoshop for compositing. But I also use Rhino to do some special industry shapes. Currently I’m playing around with Maya and Maxwell, too.

Ball of cups Fairplay

Can you tell us a bit of the way you work on your art.

André: First I will search for an idea. Only if I’m really fascinated by this idea I decide to spend some evenings on it. These ideas I scribble down in a book, so I will not loose them if I got no time for realization. If I look in this book after some weeks and if I still like the idea, I start to realize it. At this stage 90% of the ideas fail. Only the remaining 10% are interesting for me because they are not dazzled by the initial enthusiasm.

What and/or who inspires you?

André: Life itself. I’m really inspired by all the aspects of life and by a lot of visual influences of the new media

Do you have a favorite piece of your own artwork and if so, why?

André: To judge your own pictures is quite hard, but I will try it. Dandelion of screws I like from an aesthetic point of view the most. Because there is no story but there is something else interesting. Selfillumination is my favorite content wise. There are a lot of possibilities to interpret a story in this piece. The main statement could be totally positive on the one hand or tragically negative on the other hand. Every spectator does put it own meaning into this picture. That’s a kind of interaction that I like very much!

Dandelion of screws Selfillumination

What is your goal as an artist?

André: Too keep on my line. There are so many influences that could easily take you to artistic changes. I think a problem could be if you have seen a lot of pictures. It seems to become much more complicated to realize your ideas if your head if full of comparisons. To create something really new could be quite hard, the more you know. Beside that I hope to get some exhibition in real galleries in the future.

Besides 3D Valley, which other CG sites do you visit regularly?

André: CGsociety.org is one of the sites that I visit regularly. The overwhelming knowledge base in the forum is great. Almost every VIP of the scene is available there.

Do you have any tips for the artists who admire your work?

André: Always remember that all the high complex CG programs are just like the hammer of a sculptor! It depends on how you will use it! It doesn’t count how quickly you click and how much shortcuts you know – it only does count where you click and how abstract you are able to think. If there’s no button that does the function you search for it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it with that program.

Broken mind

How many years are you working in the professional industry?

André: Professionally I’m working within the 3D business for 7 years now. Some years ago my main theme was animations on Mac with cinema 4D. Stills are my main theme now since 4 years. Pictures are my true passion, I think.

You work for a photo studio creating 3D visualizations for clients. Can you tell us bit more about you job?

André: In my job I get 10 design pieces of industry products today and the client need 20 photo real pictures on the next day for inside presentations. So I start to import every piece, setting up materials and then start to “photograph” the devices to underline the design shapes and the facilities of this pieces. Then I hit render. After rendering I’m doing the fine tuning in Photoshop. The ever changing shapes of a wide variety of home appliance design pieces, is one thing that I like very much on this job. It’s every time a new challenge to get out the best possible picture.

Which areas of your work do you enjoy the most?

André: The lighting is my favorite part of the job. Exactly like a photographer. The lighting is the part of the creation that can turn a photo real picture into an aesthetically special photo real picture.

Self illumination 2

Your work Self illumination is one of the favorite images of our Gallery. Why do you think people enjoy that image so much?

André: As said there are a lot of possibilities to interpret a story in this piece. The main statement could be totally positive on the one hand or tragically negative on the other hand. Every spectator does put it own meaning into this picture. This could be the key feature of this picture. There’s enough room for every spectator’s fantasy.

You created some really impressive images with rather simple 3D objects. Is there a story behind your images?

André: The story is my opinion that every little thing to have its own story and is able to tell a story. Just like human being. A lot of people forget the simple things in this time of abundance. It’s the extraordinary beauty of ordinary things that I use as a medium.

Spoon flower Dependecy

If we would follow you for one day on your work, what would we see and/ or learn?

André: Maybe you would learn that patience is a virtue. Speed is very imported, but never at the cost of quality. You would see that at some stages within creating, a five minute “lean back and think about it” is much more helpful than doing things for the sake of doing it. If you spend some more time, right in time, you could later on save a lot more time.

How would you describe your own personal style?

André: To describe your own work is quite hard. That is actual a better task for a critic, I think. Maybe the word “simplicity” describes a lot about my work. It are simple things that try to tell a little story. Photo reality, lighting, and modeling should be secondary.

Rose of rings Spoon tower

Are you currently working on something personal of professional that you can share with us?

André: I’m working on different ideas parallel at the moment. With the highest priority I like to update my website ak3d.de. I like to redesign it. (Maybe another time..).

Is their something you can’t work without?

André: Coffee is very important as well as the right music is very important, too. (I do need mood depend music all the time) To get in deep sleep every night is very important for concentration. Table soccer with colleagues from time to time can keep the aggression level agreeable low..

What do you do when you are not working or creating something?

André: Besides working, I spend the most time possibly with my girlfriend.

Passion Reaction

Christa: Thanks for your time and the interview André!

Gallery album of André Kutscherauer
Website of André Kutscherauer
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